What is Domain Investing?

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What is Domain Investing?
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We have compiled the most important effects of Domain Investing for you,

Domain is one of the most popular internet tools by users. The unique name of the websites that enable users to be recognized globally enables these sites to stand out from the rest. While some users want to have unique and high quality domains for their sites, others want to earn income by investing in custom domain names.

What is Domain Investment?

Domain investment is to wait for quality domain names to be purchased and valued and to offer these domain names for sale when the time comes. Low costs may be required for domain name investment, where factors such as the number of characters, keywords volume, meanings of the words it contains, pronunciation, being easy to write, brand potential, domain extension are very important, and sometimes higher amounts can be obtained as a result of high purchases.

What is a Unique Domain Name?

Today, as a result of such initiatives known as domain investing, generic domains, which are called original domain names purchased at low prices, can find buyers at high prices. You can also sell domain names that you have registered at affordable prices with high prices by following generic domain opportunities with domain investment. For this, you can have more information on this subject by following the tips given in the rest of the article.
Effective Methods in Domain Investing

    Sometimes it may take a few months, or sometimes years of waiting. Apart from personal methods, buyers can easily be found for private domain names that are generally offered for sale by auction method.
    Big brand owners are among the users who want to buy second-hand domains. The fact that you, as a user outside the brand, previously owned the domains of the brand can be considered as the most effective domain investment.
    On the other hand, it is also a good investment tool to identify names with branding potential and make creative choices at this point. It is a known issue that there are domain hunters who invest in original or brand potential domain names by scanning every day.

    Among the most important domain name investing methods today, owning a domain name on popular topics and selling these domain names to the aspirant users can be counted. While doing this, good SEO management and market research are required.
    A good domain name makes it even more valuable when it has a common subdomain (com, net, org etc.) extension. It will be useful for users who will invest in a domain name to consider this issue.
    On the other hand, domains that contain words with high search volume have a very high value. Short-letter names such as 3 or 4 in terms of word character count are also among the domains preferred by users.

    Domains with easily readable and writable words can easily find buyers. While choosing a domain name, it is necessary to choose names according to the sector or service area, as well as to make sure that they are readable and easily written.

What is a Generic Domain?

A generic domain is a domain name that can be used with its dictionary equivalent. For example, “book” in an address used as is a generic domain name. Generic domains can be bought for very high sums. Being memorable, easy to read, being directly related to a particular subject can be counted among the general characteristics of generic domain names. The addition of generic domain names are negative features that make them non-generic.
It is Possible to Generate New Names from Generic Domain

However, this negative situation does not mean that these domains are not valuable. For example, having a address rather than a address does not mean that you own a less valuable domain name. On the contrary, there may be more investors who want to have a website of On the other hand, some foreign language words can be counted among the generic names. These languages ​​include English and French.
Ranking High in Search Engines

For example, words such as “cafe” and “rent”, which are used especially in the spelling language, are among the words that are widely used in Turkish. Owning a generic domain is a common request as it increases users' awareness and can generate more traffic. It may be possible to rank higher in search engines or to be recognized in different parts of the world with generic names.
Is Domain A Right Investment Tool To Earn Money?

Domain investing is one of the methods used to earn money. Doing research at certain times every day, buying the right domain names and turning them into investment tools are among the methods of making money currently applied today. Your domain names that you bought but remained empty are automatically turned into investment vehicles.


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