Things to Consider When Buying a Domain

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Things to Consider When Buying a Domain
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A person who buys a domain may want to buy the domain for several reasons. He wants to set up a site on the domain and work on it or market the domain he bought and sell it for a higher price.
A person who buys a domain may want to buy the domain for several reasons. He wants to set up a site on the domain and work on it or market the domain he bought and sell it for a higher price. Choosing and purchasing the right domain name is quite complex and requires a bit of luck. There are companies that invest millions of dollars just for this job.

There are dozens of reasons to consider before choosing or buying a domain. Each domain has a certain value and it does not have a certain standard. Let's talk about a few criteria to make this assessment.

    Does the domain name address a topic in development?
    Does the domain name have a quality extension?
    Is the domain name suitable for the brand name selection?
    How easily is the domain name recognizable by search engines?
    Does the domain name comply with the language rules?
    Does the domain name have any traffic or development?
    Is the domain name an industrially valid name?
    Does the domain name have a historical resale value?
    Does the domain name have sales potential?
    Does the domain name have any structural value?

1-Development Value: Domain value is related to the fact that it is about a subject that is under development. For example, sectors that are in development, sectors and organizations that have potential in the public opinion, and names of people.

2-Extension Value: Domains with .com extension seem more valuable than other extensions. The main factor in this is the evaluation of search engines, and search engines give results to the .com extension as a priority. For other extensions, we can say the same. Let the extension you buy be related to the work you will do on your site. After all, each extension has its own meaning. Another advantage of the .com extension is that it is the most preferred extension at the international level.

3-Brand Value: For a domain to be a brand, it depends on it being easy to say, catchy, and in compliance with the language rules. Although it is meaningless, many domains add value after branding, and the name is an important factor in this.

4-Search Value: Search engines are the most used method by web users while surfing the internet. Search engines scan the sites and rank their content, thanks to the programs created in-house. The quality of the domain and the preferences of the end user, along with the content, are effective in the working logic of these scripts, and therefore the domain name is very important for you to rank higher in the search engines.

5-Language Rules: The place of the domain in search engines is very important to the value of the domain, and search engines do not like missing or wrong characters in the domain name, and characters such as lines between words, so it is important to choose a name that is suitable for language rules.

6-Traffic Value: If the domain is an active domain, user statistics, entrances and exits and fluctuations in site traffic affect the value of the domain.

7-Industrial Value: It is important that the domain is a valid name in the targeted area. For example, the mention of the word textile in a domain related to the textile industry increases the value of that domain.

8-Domain History: Factors such as how many times the domain has been dropped before and how much it has been sold affect the value of the domain and act as a reference.

9-Sales Potential: If the domain can have a significant sales potential even if it is purchased and not projected after a certain period of time, this positively affects the value of the domain.

10-Domain Structure: It is one of the most discussed values. In the standard, domains are divided into categories as structure, these are;

    generic domain
    4 letters
    3 characters
    type domain
    Sectoral domains
    Project domains
    Regional domains

These are also divided among themselves in various ways and have different effects on the domain value. We can briefly summarize this evaluation as follows:

There are certain abbreviations used in 2-3-4 character domains. Vowels are denoted with C, consonants with V, numbers with N, and letters with L. Since the letter Y has a silent connotation in English, the letter Y is also considered a vowel. The – (tre) character is expressed by itself.

The most valuable domains are the shortest, the domain value goes in the order of combinations that can occur from characters. For example, NN domain has 99 in the world and it is very valuable. Another factor in 2-3-4 character domains is whether there is a high probability of abbreviation. To test this, if you search the Internet as Acronym Finder, you will come across many sites that provide information about what the letters mean as abbreviations and what they can come from.

The structural value of the domain is of great importance in pricing the domain, but when evaluated together with the values ​​carried by the domain, we can find a value closer to its real value. Therefore, if you are going to buy or sell a domain, consider all the evaluations we have given or not in this article, otherwise you will buy your thousands of dollars domain for 50-100 dollars.


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