METU has been managing it for 29 years... Now that institution will give the ".tr" domain name

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METU has been managing it for 29 years... Now that institution will give the ".tr" domain name
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METU's ".tr domain names management powers" were transferred to BTK with the protocol signed between METU and the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) and with the approval of IANA/ICANN.
According to the statement made by METU, the technical, administrative and sponsorship powers of the ".tr" country code "domain names management", which the university started with the international authorization from IANA-ICANN in 1990 and continued for 29 years, were transferred to the BTK with the protocol.

The transfer process was initiated in line with the 2010 Internet Domain Names Regulation, with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure assigning the task of executing the works and transactions related to the allocation of internet domain names, based on the task given by the Electronic Communications Law No. 5809 dated 5 November 2008.

In line with the principles agreed upon by METU and BTK, the necessary studies for the ".tr" network information system, TRABIS, to be established, were started in 2016.

Meticulous technical and administrative preliminary work took three years. The protocol for determining the procedures and principles regarding the transfer of TRABIS to ICTA was signed on 28 December 2018.

The joint application of METU and BTK to IANA/ICANN for transfer approval was approved on May 3, 2019 and announced on their website.

According to the protocol, the commissioning of TRABIS will be completed next year, and METU will continue to serve as an operator for the following 2 years.

Efforts will be made to ensure that the internet ecosystem emerges from this transition period of the "domain name system" in line with the BTK, unharmed and growing. In this process and afterwards, the pioneering role of METU, which brought the internet to Turkey, will continue for the development and spread of the internet, and there will be no disruption in service or loss of rights for users during the transfer of the system.

About the ".tr" domain names ( system

METU provided Turkey's internet connection with the international authorization it received from IANA/ICANN in 1990 and has managed the ".tr" domain names ( system created by its own resources and competent personnel since then.

During this time, more than one million domain name allocations were made. 405 thousand of these domain names are actively used and serve 100 thousand active users. An annual income of 6 million TL was obtained from this service. In this process, services complying with international norms such as paperless office, full online management system, Turkish character domain name allocation, online dealer infrastructure were put into service.

Actively participating in national and international organizations in the Internet ecosystem, METU has given importance to the institutionalization of ".tr" domain name management since the end of the 1990s and has worked on this subject. In 2000, the Internet Development Board and its affiliated DNS Working Group (DÇG) were established within the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to determine the ".tr" domain name allocation policies and to resolve disputes between domain name owners.

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