Terms of use

Terms of use
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This contract, It regulates the obligations to be fulfilled by the members who will benefit from the website to purchase and/or sell products/goods/services, and the mutual rights and obligations of the parties.

Terms of Use

This agreement regulates the obligations to be fulfilled by the members who will benefit from the website to purchase and/or sell products/goods/services, and the mutual rights and obligations of the parties.

1. DEFINITIONS: The following definitions, phrases and abbreviations in this contract shall express the meanings shown opposite them.

Buyer: A member who purchases the goods and/or services offered for sale by the 'Seller' by using the 'Services' offered on the 'Site'.

Seller: By using the 'Services' offered on the 'Site', it is the member who offers for sale the goods and/or services that he legally owns and has the right and authority to dispose of, for other 'Members'.

Site:, is a website consisting of a domain name and sub-domains connected to this domain.

Member: Individual or corporate members who want to benefit from the 'Site' to purchase and/or sell products/goods/services, and whose membership has been approved by the 'Company' by filling out the individual and corporate membership form they have chosen completely. Hereinafter referred to as 'Member'.

Company: It will be referred to as SEDONAME, which is the owner and operator of all legal rights on the 'Site'.

Member Name: It is the member ID name that reflects and introduces the 'Site Members' to other 'Members' in the 'Site' while they use the 'Site' services.

Password: It is the password that will be determined by the member himself during the membership to the 'Site' and that only he will know and use, and from this stage on, it is the password consisting of letters and numbers to be used during member login in order to benefit from the 'Site' services.

Auction Selling: It is the type of sale option that allows the 'Buyer Members' to make purchases by increasing the price with the opening price of the product determined by the 'Seller Member'.

Opening Price: It is the sales price amount at which the auction sale is initiated by the 'Seller Member'.

Buy Now Sale and Price: It is the type of sale option and price that allows the product/good/service to be instantly sold at a fixed price specified by the 'Seller Member' without waiting for the expiry of the sale announcement.

Sale Announcement Period: This is the period during which the sales advertisement given by the 'Seller Member' with the 'Auction Sale' and/or 'Buy Now' sales options can be listed/published on the 'Site'.

Secure Trade: It is the service provided by for the performance of the payment part of the sales contract concluded between the 'Buyer' and the 'Seller', within the conditions specified in the "Member Agreement".

Pool Account: It is the bank account managed by for the performance of 'Secure Trade'.


a) The 'Member' accepts and declares in advance that it will comply with the laws and regulations in force in all transactions to be made on the 'Site', and in particular, all responsibilities, as the seller or buyer, regulated by the TKHK's remote sales transactions and advertising law. He cannot claim that he does not know or is not in a position to know the responsibilities imposed on the parties by the applicable laws. The 'Company' may refrain from publishing sales advertisements and advertisements that it deems to be against the law or to cause confusion in this regard. In this case, the 'Member' already accepts the determination of the 'Company'. The right of recourse to the 'Member' is reserved in the event that the 'Company' faces a legal or penal responsibility due to any advertisement, information or data entered on the web site by the customer, even though it is not published or not published on the web page of the 'Company'.

b) The 'Site' consists of a virtual meeting environment where 'Members' offer their goods/products/services for sale and/or directly buy or bid the goods/products/services offered for sale. The 'Company', as a web page operator, provides its 'Members' with the opportunity to benefit from this virtual meeting environment. The 'Company' is not a party to the distance sales agreement established between the 'Seller' and 'Buyer Members'. The legal responsibilities imposed on the parties by this agreement shall not bind the 'Company' in any way. 'Members' cannot claim responsibility of 'Company'. In this respect, the 'Company' cannot make any commitments regarding the content, form and accuracy of the information, images and explanations in the advertisements. Since the 'Company' is in no way a party to the trade between the 'Members', all claims arising from the purchase-sale relationship must be brought against the 'Seller Member' or 'Buyer Member', which is the other party of the relationship.

c) The 'Member' agrees and undertakes to benefit from the 'Site Services' as 'Buyer' and/or 'Seller' in accordance with the rules and announcements determined by the 'Company' and announced on the 'Site'. The 'Company' reserves the right to make changes in the procedures regarding the transactions to be made on the 'Site' by announcing it on the 'Site' without any special notice.

d) 'Member', in its sales, in accordance with the legal legislation in force

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